About Us

Born and raised across Montreal, the Fortin brothers always knew they were destined for a lifelong business partnership working side by side.

Success was imminent as soon as they became Real Estate brokers becoming two of the top salesmen of their office their first year.

Paul, the older sibling, has always been an intelligent, intuitive and a very determined man while Jean, the young gun, has a confidence and people pleasing flair that when paired together, gives a very professional best of both worlds service.

High expectations are what have always been demanded of them and the results speak for themselves. With a vast network of clients whether in revenue property investments or residential sales, these two never shy away from taking on any challenge.

From selling 300 000$ homes to large 20 Million dollar Multi-housing buildings, nothing is too big or too small for the brothers.

Their main goal has always been to provide their clients with a valuable service knowing that purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments a person will encounter during a lifetime.

Growing up with parents who were born deaf, they were taught at a very young age the rules of responsibility and helping others therefore giving them an early start at handling important decisions.

Also, having invested a lot of their own time in purchasing properties together internationally, they have learned the ‘’do’s and dont’s’’ of the Real Estate world making your experience with them very smooth and enjoyable.

They bring skillful negotiations, persistence and passion to every transaction. Their goal is to become two of the best brokers on the island of Montreal which is their driving force in providing each and every client with an extraordinary service.